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Explore Falls River in Raleigh, NC!

Falls Lake Offers Lots of Fun Activities

If you live in Bedford Falls River, Wakefield Plantation or Heritage Wake Forest then you are lucky to have Falls Lake in your backyard.  Consider it your own personal playground because there is so much to do and see!  Falls Lake stretches 22 miles through Raleigh and Durham.  Falls Lake offers many fun things to do including:

  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Water Sports
  • Public Beaches
  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Picnicking
  • Hunting

Regardless of the season or where you live in the Triangle Falls Lake has lots to offer outdoor enthusiasts of all ages!  For more information on Falls Lake check out these 2 helpful websites.  

North Carolina Parks

Army Corp

If you are interested in houses or neighborhoods close to Falls River please contact me because I would love to show you all the great opportunities!

Walking With You Every Step Of The Way!

 Jenn Nowalk Raleigh REALTOR/Broker

Kerr Family YMCA Is Right Up The Street From Great Neighborhoods

Kerr Banks YMCA Right Up The Street From Heritage, Bedford and Wakefield 

If you live or are thinking about living in Heritage Wake Forest, Bedford Falls River or Wakefield Plantation then you are lucky to have the Kerr Family YMCA right up the street.  The Kerr YMCA is not your grandfather’s YMCA!  The Kerr Banks YMCA is a wonderful start of the art facility.  You name it and they have it:


  • 58,000 sq. ft. Facility
  • Indoor 8-lane, 25-yard pool
  • Indoor Play-Pool with “splash features”
  • Outdoor Toddler Pool (during summer season)
  • Outdoor Pool & Waterslide (during summer season)
  • 2 Racquetball Courts
  • 2 Basketball Courts
  • Indoor Climbing Wall
  • Equipment check-out (basketball/racquetball)
  • Men’s & Women’s Locker Rooms
  • Steam Room – (men’s & women’s)
  • Preschool and elementary age playgrounds
  • Nationally Certified Personal Trainers

State of the Art Wellness Center with…

  • Cybex equipment
  • Full Cybex Circuit
  • Arc Trainer
  • Stair climbers
  • Treadmills
  • Free weights
  • Stationary bikes
  • Cross conditioning machine
  • Elliptical trainers
  • Star Trac spin bikes
  • Rowing machines
  • Stretching Equipment
  • Indoor walking/jogging track
  • 2 Aerobics Studios
  • And MORE!!

Childcare on site:
(children 5 – 12 yrs old) 
(children 6 wks – 5 yrs old fee applies per visit)

Your house is obviously very important, the neighborhood you live in is very important but also what is right up the street is also very important and with the Kerr Bank YMCA up the street from these 3 great neighborhoods then you will be very happy to have this great facility that the entire family can enjoy so close!  Visit their website to learn more about all the programs they offer and membership details.   

See you at the Y…

Walking With You Every Step Of The Way!

Jenn Nowalk – Raleigh REALTOR/Broker

Great News For Those Of You Who Love To Hike Outdoors

I love spring time as I espcially love spending times outdoors with my husband, 2 girls and our 2 dogs – I think the dogs love it the best.  Living in North Raleigh is a great place to play outdoors as we have easy access to all the trails and open areas of Falls Lake and the Neuse River.  I recently read an article and was excited to hear that a new 8 mile section of green way in North Raleigh will be open in the future thanks to the new stimulus package.  Whether you agree with the stimulus package or not we can all enjoy improvements like this.  My 2 dogs Jeter and Brady are especially thankful.  See below for some more information on the green way expansion from the News & Observer article.  Click here to read the entire article.

Hope to see you on the trails – current or new!

– Walking With You Every Step Of The Way!

Jenn Nowalk Raleigh REATOR.Broker
RALEIGH — A new section of the popular Neuse River Greenway will soon grow by nearly eight miles, from the Falls Lake dam to the WRAL soccer fields off Perry Creek Road, becoming a link in the emerging Mountains-to-Sea Trail — and the American taxpayers are helping to pay for it.
Raleigh expects to receive about $3.25 million in federal economic stimulus money to help pay for the project, which city bond voters approved two years ago. The greenway eventually will meander south 28 miles to the Johnston County line.  A group called Friends of the Mountain-to-Sea Trail hopes some of the state’s share of federal stimulus funds can be used to expand parts of that statewide trail and others across North Carolina.

Bedford At Falls River – A Great Place To Live!

If you are looking for a great award winning master planned community in Raleigh then look no further then Bedford at Falls River.  Okay I am a little biased because I personally call this neighborhood home but Bedford truly does have something for everyone.

To learn all the great details about Bedford please check out my Bedford neighborhood page   You can also see a fun video of Bedford in the snow from the small, quick but fun snowstorm that covered Bedford on March 2!  But now Spring is upon us which is the best time of the year to live here!

So why do I personally love living in Bedford:

  • I love walking my with my daughters and dogs and being greeted by all the neighbors sitting on their front porches!  Many times we don’t make it more then a couple blocks because of all the stopping and talking.
  • I love walking over to a neighbors house on a Friday night to relax, grill out and catch up.  The key word is walking – Bedford has over 26 miles of sidewalk so we walk everywhere!
  • I love turn 3 – are you confused?  What I mean is I love the pool..everyone loves the pool as it features a large lap pool and separate kids pool with water spouts galore!  Oh and turn 3 refers to the Mt. Gushmore water slide that features a very sharp turn 3 so don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  • I love the clubhouse as it is a big beautiful building that features a huge back porch that overlooks the pool.  Whether it be community organized events (there are many!) or a private event (I had my husband’s 30th birthday party there) the clubhouse will fit all your social needs.
  • I love the retail center that is about to open!  Take all the above – neighbors, friends, walking, pool, clubhouse and then throw in some some great retails shops, services and restaurants and I wonder why I would ever need to leave the neighborhood on any given weekend!
  • I love the houses!  Obviously if I chose real estate as a career then I love houses but I especially love all the Bedford houses.  From the Bungalows to the Craftsman to the Charleston’s to the Estate style houses, Bedford features a variety of price points, floor plans and features that will fit everyone’s needs!

The list could go on and on but I do love living in Bedford and am confident that you would too!  Please check out all the available listings in Bedford and let me know if I can help you buy or sell a home in Bedford.  

Walking With You Every Step Of The Way!

– Jenn Nowalk Raleigh Realtor/Broker

To Snow or Not to Snow? That is the question!

When it comes to snow I find that people either love it or hate it.  Maybe you get all excited the night before a snow storm thinking about the fun of sledding, snow ball fights, snow angels, building a snow man and hot chocolate.  Or maybe you dread the oncoming snow storm thinking about shoveling your driveway, wet clothes, cold kids, school closings, icy streets and melting wet snow for weeks after.

I personally fall in the middle as I enjoy the occasional snowstorm but could not handle living in a city where snow is present all winter long.  During my State Farm Insurance days I once spent about 4 months in Buffalo working catastrophe claims and remember not seeing the grass for 4 whole months!  I was amazed that there were snow drifts piled 20 feet high in some spots.  I remember being very thankful that I called the warmer climate of North Carolina home!

Our dogs Jeter and Brady love the snow at Bedford Falls River!

Our dogs Jeter and Brady love the snow at Bedford Falls River!

So with that said Raleigh had its first significant snow (4 inches down here is what we call significant) fall last week and it was enjoyable.  Our Bedford at Falls River neighborhood never looked so pretty as here are some pictures to prove it!  It made for a great day of fun and excitement for both the kids and the dogs but I was also glad that we warmed up to 60 degrees later that week helping all the snow quickly disappear.


The NC flag stands tall in the Raleigh Snow!

The NC flag stands tall in the Raleigh Snow!

So what does this mean for you?  Well if you are thinking about relocating to Raleigh and the Triangle area then we think we have the best of all weather worlds – If you love snow then you still get to enjoy those fun snow days and all the fun that goes with it!  If you dislike the snow then don’t worry as we do not get a lot of it as this was the first real snow fall in 2 years!  The North Carolina climate is great as we get to enjoy a beautiful fall and spring, get a minor taste of winter and then hopefully you get to enjoy the beach a couple times each hot summer!  One of the many reasons people tell me they do move to North Carolina is because of the weather as they get to enjoy each season but no season is too harsh in anyway!  If you already live here then you probably count weather as one of the many positives of living here.  If you are thinking about relocating here then I am confident you will find the weather the perfect combination of all seasons!

Enjoy the weather….

Walking With You Every Step Of The Way!

Jenn Nowalk – Raleigh Realtor