A Great Place To Hike and Camp – Right Down The Street In Raleigh!

I love the outdoors and especially the outdoors close to water – lakes, river, ocean, you name it!  Some of my greatest childhood memories are when my entire family would load up the family roadster and go camping for the weekend.  When I look back on it now I realize how great the bonding time was with my brother and sister as we would play for hours and not complain once – okay well maybe when the bugs would attack but that was about it.

With all that said I want to make sure that when my girls are old enough we take them camping so they get to experience the great outdoors, camping and that all important bonding time.  All this leads me to a great “find” I made Monday afternoon.  I was driving from Durham to Wake Forest on HWY 98 (a drive I do numerous times on my neighborhood research stops) and it was a perfect spring day.  I had passed a sign on the side of the road about 100 times that says fishing access area turn right and I always wondered what that was….so today I decided to stop and I was sure glad I did.

What I stumbled across only 15 minutes from my house in Bedford at Falls River was the Hollypoint camp site along Falls Lake.  It was awesome as I am only sorry I did not have my flip camera (I learned my lesson but never again) with me so that I could of shared the views with you but I will be sure to go back, snap some pictures, take some video and share it with all of you outdoor enthusiasts.  Hollypoint on Falls Lake features over 80 campsites with many of them overlooking Falls Lake through the tree line.  When I got out to roam about I found many great hiking trails, campsites, play areas, bathroom facilities and of course awesome views and access to Falls Lake.  I could not believe that 15 minutes from my house was this beautiful spot and camping area.  I immediately thought of how much fun it will be to pack up the entire family, call the cousins to join us and go camping along Falls Lake.  It will be a great time to bond not only with the outdoors but with each other without the interruption of cell phones, lap tops, television and video games.  I know my girls will love it and I hope someday they look back and remember the family camping trips much like I did.  The best part about the entire thing – we literally would make a 15 minute drive from our house and instantly be lost in the wilderness!

I wanted to share this experience because it is another reason I love living where I do.  The Triangle is so lucky to have great culture, shopping, dining 15 minutes in 1 direction but then 15 minutes in the other direction and you can be hiking and camping the many trails and areas of Falls Lake.  If you love the outdoors then there are many many great spots for you to explore right down the street from where you live here in the Triangle.

Stay tuned as I can’t wait to report back on my camping adventures – who knew…15 minutes down the street….well now I know and you do too!

“Walking (or hiking) With You Every Step Of The Way”

– Jenn Nowalk Raleigh Realtor/Broker

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