Ride Out The Recession In Raleigh

Okay so unless you live in a cave (wonder how those comps look) you know that the country is in a recession.  The good news is that signs are pointing towards recovery as the stock market is up, home sales are up and consumer spending is up.  When it comes to riding out the recession we here in Raleigh and the Triangle have been very lucky compared to other parts of the country.  Once again Raleigh has been named a #1 – the #1 market for business and careers during the recession.  Nobody likes a recession and we are glad that the worst looks to be behind us but I was thinking that if Raleigh is the #1 place now then imagine how great this market will be once the economy is hopping again.  Just another reason to be glad you live here in Raleigh or to make Raleigh and the Triangle your new home.  Read the full article here and let me know if I can help you make Raleigh your new home.

Walking With You Every Step Of The Way!

– Jenn Nowalk Raleigh Realtor/Broker

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