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To Snow or Not to Snow? That is the question!

When it comes to snow I find that people either love it or hate it.  Maybe you get all excited the night before a snow storm thinking about the fun of sledding, snow ball fights, snow angels, building a snow man and hot chocolate.  Or maybe you dread the oncoming snow storm thinking about shoveling your driveway, wet clothes, cold kids, school closings, icy streets and melting wet snow for weeks after.

I personally fall in the middle as I enjoy the occasional snowstorm but could not handle living in a city where snow is present all winter long.  During my State Farm Insurance days I once spent about 4 months in Buffalo working catastrophe claims and remember not seeing the grass for 4 whole months!  I was amazed that there were snow drifts piled 20 feet high in some spots.  I remember being very thankful that I called the warmer climate of North Carolina home!

Our dogs Jeter and Brady love the snow at Bedford Falls River!

Our dogs Jeter and Brady love the snow at Bedford Falls River!

So with that said Raleigh had its first significant snow (4 inches down here is what we call significant) fall last week and it was enjoyable.  Our Bedford at Falls River neighborhood never looked so pretty as here are some pictures to prove it!  It made for a great day of fun and excitement for both the kids and the dogs but I was also glad that we warmed up to 60 degrees later that week helping all the snow quickly disappear.


The NC flag stands tall in the Raleigh Snow!

The NC flag stands tall in the Raleigh Snow!

So what does this mean for you?  Well if you are thinking about relocating to Raleigh and the Triangle area then we think we have the best of all weather worlds – If you love snow then you still get to enjoy those fun snow days and all the fun that goes with it!  If you dislike the snow then don’t worry as we do not get a lot of it as this was the first real snow fall in 2 years!  The North Carolina climate is great as we get to enjoy a beautiful fall and spring, get a minor taste of winter and then hopefully you get to enjoy the beach a couple times each hot summer!  One of the many reasons people tell me they do move to North Carolina is because of the weather as they get to enjoy each season but no season is too harsh in anyway!  If you already live here then you probably count weather as one of the many positives of living here.  If you are thinking about relocating here then I am confident you will find the weather the perfect combination of all seasons!

Enjoy the weather….

Walking With You Every Step Of The Way!

Jenn Nowalk – Raleigh Realtor

What Will You Make Of This Year?

I am pumped up and optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead in 2009! In our Sales Meeting this morning, I was surrounded by a group of professionals that feel the same way.  Appointment showings in North Raleigh are up 50% just in the last week and several agents have sold multiple properties in the last 45 days.  I have the confidence in the Real Estate market and in what I do daily to know that the state of our economy is just a short-term situation.  Life is all about choices – especially in how you will deal with challenges.

Myers Barnes posted a great blog this morning in regard to the state of your thinking in regard to Recession, or the “R” word- and he could not have hit the nail on the head more perfectly- I am going to join him in not participating in the recession.  Myers says, “I have chosen not to dwell on it.  It’s not denial. My refusal is a reflection of my determination not to cave into the harsh perception associated with living/working/surviving in a recession.  A professional athlete or special forces member will tell you that you can work through the pain if you choose to. It’s not the pain that hurts; it is the perception of the pain. Choose not to acknowledge the pain and move on.”   He goes on to say that if you “shift your thinking past the present and focus on what you need to do in order to create your own success, you will achieve!”  

I for one am committed to working hard for my real estate clients, staying positive and helping them find solutions so that they can make their real estate transactions a success in 2009!  Life is what you make of it and if it is the only one that we have- you better make it great and have some fun along the way! What will you choose to make of it?

Walking With You Every Step Of The Way….

Jenn Nowalk – Your Raleigh Realtor/Broker